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teaser Humanoid | 2018

Humanoid (or ‘Human of iets dergelijks’ for Dutch people) is a 2D frame to frame animated film with a philosophical attitude. Humanoid explores how our self image as humans is effected by the rise of artificial intelligence.

Humanoid is Eva Wijers' graduation project of the Master of Animation of AKV StJoost.

Images from Humanoid | 2018

The Corner | 2018

2D frame to frame animation

made during study Master of Animation AKV St. Joost

several animations | 2016-2018

Raar is het nieuwe normaal | 2017

Animations made for telephone so you can watch it on two sides. It's based on the quote of Schopenhauer:

'All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.'

Lipsync test | 2017

made at study Master of Animation AKV St. Joost

Paper test | 2017

Mama | 2015

interactive lipsync | 2015

Incubate Re-edited | 2011

With the Re-edited project, Incubate invited artists that are working with film and video, and made the footage that was shot at Incubate festival 2010 available for them to re-edit. These artists are free to cut, paste, add, combine, deform, hussle, so to say: re-edit, this footage as they please.

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